lay-lieIf you want to be perfectly accurate, listening and memorizing how to say words isn’t enough.  Because often what people say isn’t always accurate.  Sometimes non-dyslexic learn from hearing what is popularly spoken whether it is right or wrong.   Trained dyslexics learn rules to speak more correctly because they can’t just remember what everyone is saying.  Non-dyslexics actually use phrases and conjugation of verbs according to what they think sounds right.  Sometimes they are just wrong.  These words above are a set of words that a dyslexic has a fighting change with the untrained “normal” listening mind. “On guard …”  get ready to duel.  Phonics and spelling is only the beginning.  I propose that most dyslexics can learn grammar rules as well as the non-dyslexics.  Listening and speaking might lag a bit.  Rule-based grammar is something to cling to.

An challenge for highly functional dyslexics is to learn the lie-lay rule by listening to this song.  You’re not going to get it on the first, second or third try.  Just have fun with how silly english is sometimes.  Our thanks goes out to a Tenor Dad !