takeTANiTakeTINa is a Rhythm and dance therapy that is very healing.  The coordination of movement that is in patterns with speech and hand movements that is in different patterns causes some type of neurological reset that is very healing.  It was hard for me to do simple synchronous dance steps in a group while performing some asynchronous speech and hand jesters.

The day after a one-day workshop my audio awareness and discernment change dramatically.  I remember going outside in the mountains and hearing multiple sounds all at once and then focusing on individual sounds . . . wind rustling through the trees,  birds chirping, cars moving down the road.  It was like my listen lens of discernment had take my listening vision from 20-70 to 20-20.  Much of this immediately acuteness of hearing fading over the next couple of months as sound and rhythm toxicity crept in.

TakeTANi workshops would probably be helpful on a monthly basis.  Somebody needs to do studies on how TakeTANi could help the full spectrum of learning disorders.  Please listen to the short video from the founder himself.


I think the dance tradition of many native and aboriginal cultures had it so right to get together for a regular basis as a tribes for entertainment and religious ceremonies. Tribal dancing is healing. It is spiritual.  And I say it is neurologically therapeutic.

The founder of TakeTANi also also organized a perfoming group called MegaDrums that pulls together the best of Taiko, Australian aboriginal, Shaman, and Indian traditions. Percussionists are dancers.