adtaThere are actual programs using body movements to improve learning and healing.  I have mentioned in previous posts the value to me a dyslexic that I felt came to me from song and dance, including piano, choir, folk dancing, Capoeira, TakeTANi.

There is an association setup for “Healing through Movement” its called the American Dance Therapy Association.  The benefits of dance/movement therapy (DMT) as a psychotherapeutic intervention are well-established. The American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA), founded in 1966, is a professional organization dedicated to the profession of dance/movement therapy. Dance/movement therapy uses movement to “further the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of the individual.”

Penny Bryson has a one-of-a kind Reading in Rhythm program. learn2beat “Learning by the beat” as she say, instructs full-time Therapy Beat clinic students in her program. Bryson’s research indicates that specific physical movements create new pathways in the brain, pathways missing in children with dyslexia.

Another successful progam is “Turning Teaching into Learning” through a Physio-Neuro-Therapy (PNT) created by .  This is a new ltmovementeffective way to eliminate learning difficulties!  Unlike commonly used methods such as tutors, learning centers or special education, our cutting-edge program can help your child succeed academically without the need for long-term outside assistance.  Our treatment, Physio-Neuro Therapy, is supported by current brain research and does not require continuous therapy.  Rather, Physio-Neuro Therapy a short-term treatment program that will allow your child to maintain a higher level of academic performance without the need for continuous intervention.