flashGordonI have had the “Gordon’s Mind” domain for a couple of months and have been planning and working on the implementation of the purpose, look, and feel. Ever since I realized that I had the audio processing side of dyslexia a few years ago, I have had a burning desire to share what I’ve learned about myself and my condition. Why did it take over 50 years to get the message? I AM DYSLEXIC. And that’s OK.

I’m committed to do what I can to help children with dyslexia to learn to listen and speak more accurately. Reading and Writing with proper comprehension and spelling just isn’t enough. The emotional baggage that gets started at a young age since 80 percent of children naturally learn by listening. The 15 plus percent of us that have difficulty learning sounds, words, and meaning without interactive multi-sensory instruction feel a little on the outside of “normal”. Dyslexic adults need emotional support in the workplace, the home, and other pursuits. Students that have a desire to learn english as a second language can also benefit from the rigor of learning what native sounds will transfer to english and which ones just won’t sound right. Learning new sounds is hard when a student is so use to the speech and socialization training received from growing up in a non-english speaking country.

I will blog as new thoughts, experiences, and resources come into my life. I will tell my personal life-story in the Family section. I will posts about the creative, emotional, and persuasive abilities that are often easier to developer with dyslexics in the Art section. The Media section is where I’ll put the great articles, videos, people, quotes, and other materials that tell the positive story of being dyslexic. Research keeps revealing more about the why we experience life the way we do. The collective voice of the personal experence of dyslexics needs to be heard and used to refine the conclusions of educators, scientist, and those in the medical profession working with “disorders”. Lastly, I will gather together and comment on some great material that demonstrates why many dyslexics are great contributors in math, science, mechanical and technical disciplines.

It has begun …..

PS:  I picked up the alias “FlashGordon” when I started programming animations and websites in Adobe Flash over 15 years ago.