DivergentWhy are there so many books and movies about overcoming the post apocalyptic world order?  There’s the “Hunger Games” and  the “Divergent” series.  I’ve got two kids reading the quartet that starts with “The Giver”.  It’s seems like the future leaders are going to want to fit people into 4 or 5 categories or have a common controllable existence.  I think an Utopia is where we embrace and celebrate diversity and creativity NOT stifle individuality and exploration of new ideas.

When freedom was found by Jonas the main character of “The Giver”,  I couldn’t help but to think about “Logan’s Run”,  a 1976 movie where “runners” were the ones that escaped from the future world that didn’t need people to grow old so they had a selection process that might get you the winning number to give you life for the community.  Youth love to rebel especially if there is such justification against the status quo.

My prediction is that we are heading for another renaissance.  We’ve got so much information at our fingertips.  “Big Data” is a challenge for programmers and knowledge workers to create “Big Analysis” that produces valuable meaning out all the data that is being gathered about our online behaviors.  Our reality now is about protecting privacy and fighting control from those that will be able to know so much about how to manipulate us collectively.  I say renaissance because the arts and creative application of the sciences will generate new meaning and purpose of living that is worth the fight.

I think that it is ironic that dyslexics that learn how to learn, how to keeping thinking creatively, will contribute to society in a way that will help prevent any future Dystopia.

But this is just one dyslexic talking to another . . . .