Recently, I had a revealing conversation with my 35 year old son since he is now investigating his own dyslexia and how it has affected his whole learning experience and some of his world views.  He talked about 3D processing verses 1D or linear processors.  We talked about genetics and I shared with him my new passion to share what I’m learning and how I’m creating this website to benefit others.

Next, my son wanted to learn about my beginning experience as a child and how I didn’t fit in.  I shared that my parents were concerned that I was so quiet.  They had my ears tested to see if I had an handicap since I was slow to speak.  My ears were fine.  Doctors where not generally aware that audio-processing is not a hearing problem.  It’s a neurological contition. I was very content with my life and how no  idea that others might have viewed me as different.  However,  I wasn’t very social in kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade.

Anyway,  I’m thrilled that this son and I have a whole new common interest and way of looking at ourselves and how we can make a more meaningful contribution to the world we live in.  I shared with him the clips from “Teen Wolf” when the character played by Michael J. Fox realizes that he had a unique condition and how late his dad was in informing him of the possibility of inheriting some special “powers” and responsibilities.  Please enjoy these clips in the “Family Affair” section of this website.