Folk Dancing is Theraputic

In junior high school, on rainy days,  we had co-ed dancing in the gym.  Sometimes this was line dancing or square dancing.  Listening to instructions or the “caller” while staying in step with the music and circling in a “grand right and left” was great multi-sensory activity.

Integrating listening, movement, touch, in sync with music and song was a great fun and theraputic right-brain/left-brain activity for the full spectrum of learning diabilities.  It was also a great equalizer because no one was a superior dancer.  We we’re all learning together a new dance.  And since it was multisensory,  the dyslexics had a great chance of keeping up.  Emotional, auditorial, social, visual, mental, and physical learning with the risk of embarassment meant alert holistic participation. Great exercise and fun.

A bigger folk dance opportunity happen through a youth church group activity where we practiced square dancing in smaller groups in preparation for a big performance with the joining of hundreds of groups.  the final performance was in the Rose Bowl in southern California. This was a visual, and audible extravaganza.  All those dancers, with the loud country music, and entertaining such a large audience.  Everyone all connected and synchronize with movement and music.  Being connect so big externally and being connect with my body and senses was a great landmark